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The most special way to explore Korea


Hi. It's Lee from Seoul!

Certified tour guide / Certified Korean language teacher

I was born and raised in Seoul and lived in 5 different countries, Canada, US, Australia, Russia and Germany. I studied Business in Seoul with an exchange program in US and completed MBA in Sydney. 
I was a Research Analyst and Marketer in big companies, highly paying and stable job. It was what many called a good life.
But I always liked to be in the nature more than the office. I hiked Kilimanjaro summit alone, Annapurna Base Camp alone, Olympus alone, Everest Base Camp, Fuji, Alps alone and many others in the world. (Alone sometimes means with a hiking guide. In some countries you must hire one). Also I've led a hiking club over 3 years.

So I decided to have my own travel agency and operate hiking and city tours. Most of my tours are of food and hiking. Now I can hike even more often, have good food with travelers with lots of laughter and practice calligraphy everyday which I love too. ❤️

Many travelers don't know we have a lot of mountains in Korea. 70% of the land is mountainous and amazingly beautiful. And the food.... I guess you already know. So yummy!

If you visit Korea, please contact me! I love to show my hometown to any of you who loves nature and nice food! Thank you for reading it. Hope to see you in Korea! :-) 


Bukhansan National Park

Tallest peak in Seoul

(difficulty - Intermediate 5~6 hours)

The only national park in Seoul with the tallest summit in the city.

Take the shortest trail to the highest peak, Baekundae.

Visit old Buddhist temples including Doseonsa from the Shilla dynasty founded in 862, and try vegetarian lunch in the temple if you want.

The views from the summit are breathtaking!


Gwanaksan hike

Beautiful temple visit

(difficulty - Intermediate 5~6 hours)

My favorite mountain among all in Seoul!

Soak into the amazing view of cities, Seoul and Gyeonggi.

The trail is less crowded than other mountains, and the temples in the mountains is incredibly beautiful.

Rest and enjoy the peaceful moment in the temple and try Korean instant noodles that many Korean eat during the hike.


Three mountains in a day

The important mountains in the Joseon Dynasty 

(difficulty - Intermediate 5~6 hours)

The old city, Hanyang from the Joseon Dynasty is surrounded by 4 mountains. Inwangsan, Bugaksan, Naksan and Namsan.

Start from Ansan and continue to Inwangsan and Bugaksan.

Hiking three mountains a day is an exciting experience!

Sunrise hiking is also possible!

* Sunrise hiking is possible when minimum of two participants sign up.


Inwangsan hike

Amazing city views with historical sites

(difficulty - easy 2.5~3 hours)

One of the 4 major mountains in the Joseon dynasty.

Hike Inwangsan along the fortress and see historic sites, such as Sajik altar where services for the gods of Earth and Crops were performed, and Tangun shrine, the legendary founder of Korea. 

Easy and enjoyable trail taking less than one hour to the summit.

Have a peaceful moment having the best view of the city.


Ansan hiking

Easy hike for anyone, plus temple and market visit

(difficulty - very easy 2.5~3 hours)

Very easy walk but amazing city view in Ansan, located at the center of Seoul

Visit an old Buddhist temple, Bongwonda, the head temple of Taego order of Korean Buddhism. 

Enjoy Korean traditional architecture and peaceful atmosphere and get surprised with the 3,000 Buddha statue room!

Continue to a local market where you can enjoy popular Korean street food


Achasan hike

The best river view in Seoul

(difficulty - easy 2.5~3 hours)

Hike the beautiful mountain with amazing Han river view.

Visit a small temple founded in 670 in the mountain with a very interesting legend about a famous monk from the Shilla kingdom.

Enjoy the same trail that K-pop star BTS members hiked.

If you want I will show you a good BBQ place after the hike.

Contact us!

Bugaksan hike

Fortress walk and Bukchon hanok village

(difficulty - easy 2.5~3 hours)

Standing right behind Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Hike along the fortress, and learn about Korean history such as 'January 21 Incident Pine Tree'. in 1968, 31 North Korean commandos infiltrated Seoul to assassinate the president. Most of them got killed during fierce gunfights with South Korean police. The tree still keeps the bullet marks.

Continue to Bukchon Hanok village with traditional houses

Contact us!

Gyeongbokgung and Seoul highlights

The history and modern of Korea

(duration : 3~4 hours)

The most popular attractions and hidden gems in Seoul!

Start from Jogyesa temple, and continue to Gwanghwamun square. Stroll around in the Gyeongbokgung, established in 1395 as the main palace in the Joseon Dynasty.

Learn the history of Korea along the way. Move to Blue house, Tongin traditional market and Seochon Hanok village!

Plus, enjoy Korean herbal tea

***Palace ticket and tea is included

Contact us!

Traditional calligraphy and Korean language 

Experience the unique traditional culture

(duration : 2 hours)

Learn Korean alphabet and traditional Korean calligraphy!

I am a certified Korean language teacher and certified tour guide, and I've practiced traditional calligraphy more than 20years.

Traditional calligraphy is very relaxing, similar to meditation. 

Learn Korean alphabet before the practice. It's okay that you don't know anything about Korean language. 

Relax and only focus on the calligraphy in the quiet studio. 

*** Only Sunday


Noryangjin fish market

The freshest seafood in Seoul!

(duration : 2 hours)

Have amazing seafood at the largest fish market in Seoul.

Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale market is the best place to eat fresh seafood. The market handles about 50% of metropolitan volume.

I buy the best food according to the market situation, and have it together in the restaurant upstairs. The seafood can be different in the market every day.

Come with an empty stomach!

*** Foods are inclusive; however, NO CRAB / LOBSTER is included.

***If you want to buy more, I am happy to help you to buy the food!


Mangwon market

Konrea food you must try

(duration : 2 hours)

Have BBQ or sweet chicken.

On sunny day, eat sweet chicken in Han river park from Mangwon market.

On rainy or cold day, eat BBQ in a restaurant and go to the market for dessert.

Either food is what you must try during Korea visit!

If you do not like too crowded Gwangjnag market, this is the best food market for you.

***The food is inclusive.

***If you want to have more, I will help you to buy the the food


Gwangjang market

The most popular local food

(duration : 2~3 hours)

The best Korean street food and historic places of Seoul.


There are so many different kinds of Korean food you can try out in the market. This market is also famous for traditional clothes, Hanbok. After the meal, we walk along Cheonggyecheon stram and see Heunginjimun gate (East gate, National treasure).


***The food in the market is inclusive.

***If you want to have more, I will help you to buy the the food

*** You can choose to walk along the fortress : 3 hours



Experience Korean traditional archery like K-drama!

(duration : 2 hours)

Learn traditional archery just like K-dramas!

Traditional archery is different than archery you have seen in Olympics. The target is larger and fun and easy to learn.

Located near Inwangsan mountain, the archery place is surrounded by beautiful nature. Enjoy both the experience and the sceneries.

Before the practice visit historic sites.

*** Only Friday (Not operated in winter)

*** 2023 From March ~ November


Horse Racing Park

Watch the hose racing game like a local

(duration : 2 hours)

Horse racing is fun and exciting. Many Korean families visit the park and enjoy the fun ganme.

Only three horse racing tracks in Korea, and this is one of them.

If you have seen 'Squid game', this is the place where Sung Kihoon often visited 

*** Only Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Want to visit another city?
Want to hike other mountains?
Any other part of the Seoul you want to visit?

Ask us!

Want to visit other spots or hike other mountains? Just email us. :)

Check out our Instagram page too!



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